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Pennsylvania Self-Insurers' Association

Established in 1922, the PSIA is a long-standing and proud organization serving a select group of Pennsylvania organizations.

Our members have earned the privilege of self-insuring their workers compensation coverage along with the benefits of doing so. Therefore, PSIA members share a common interest—the improvement and protection of Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation laws and regulations. This shared responsibility makes the PSIA a unique fellowship with a unique purpose.

What we stand for


The PSIA's primary function is to gather, distill and distribute information that empowers. This shared knowledge is the glue that binds the organization together.


Strength in numbers. Strength in know-how. Strength in unity. By coming together, members maximize the operational benefits of self-insuring-they become stronger and more effective.


The PSIA is the industry thought-leader in Pennsylvania advocating for sensible, sound and fair Workers’ Compensation laws. 


In its membership and in its administration, the PSIA embodies a philosophy of integrity, honesty and fairness in all matters.