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Three New Cases Interpreting Act 1 of 1995 (Hearing Loss) Bring Clarity to Law

By: Judge David B. Torrey, Workers' Compensation Judge, Allegheny County 

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Is Independence Self-Evident?

By: Attorney Kevin L. Connors, DuffyConnors

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Supreme Court Makes Major Clarification on Claimant's Burden to Reinstate after Suspension

By: David B. Torrey, Workers' Compensation Judge  

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Legislation Significantly Impacts Practice before Workers' Compensation Judges and the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board. 

By: Attorney Robert J. Baker, The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP.

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The Argot of Workers' Compensation: The Law & Practice Behind Five Slang Expressions 

By Judge David B. Torrey, Workers' Compensation Judge

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Reducing The Cost of Risk 

By Frank X. Altiere III, RF, CPCU, ARM, AU, AIS

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Building A Workers' Compensation Defense Arsenal in a World of Mistrust

By: Attorney Christian A. Davis and Attorney Wendy S. Smith

Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby LLP

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A Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation 4 - Phase Checklist

By: Attorney Michele R. Punturi

Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, Philadelphia, PA

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Use of the Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable to Limit Payment of Disability Benefits Without Penalty 

By: Attorney Chuck Katz, SwartzCampbell

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Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Interplay With The Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law, The Family Medical Leave Act, The Americans With Disabilities Act, The Hipaa Privacy Rule And The Social Security Act 

By: Andrew E. Greenberg, Esquire, The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP.

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